How Kids Learn Through Physical Play

Learning Through Physical Play

            For children, physical play is more than just a time waster or boredom buster, it’s an essential learning opportunity. There is an exploding market for tablet apps, computer games, and videos to keep children entertained, but nothing can replace the skills and benefits that come from using your own imagination:

  1. Physical Fitness. Running, jumping, and climbing is fun, but it’s also the best way to build a strong cardiovascular system and support healthy bones and joints. Fine and gross motor skills are honed and perfected on the playground!
  2. Emotional Expression. Imaginative play is the perfect time to practice independence and create symbolic scenarios that test-run different emotions. Simply pretending to be sad, scared, and excited provides deeper understanding and respect for feelings and emotions in the world around them.
  3. Social Skills. During solo play, children practice independence and resilience. Working together, physical play fosters healthy relationships and can teach the power of inclusion and collaboration. Taking turns isn’t just a theoretical concept – it’s put into action!

How to Make it Happen

Curated games and scripted storylines in digital games and shows are often appealing to children. Passive activities seem easier because you simply have to click or watch to be entertained. High-quality, kid-friendly mineral makeup is a great tool to enhance the fun and promote value in physical play.

Kid’s makeup should be all-natural, safe for all skin types, and easy to apply. With a swipe of a finger or a dab of a brush, the world of imagination becomes a little more real! Fine motor skills also get a great workout when putting on your own makeup or dressing up a friend’s face. Children’s makeup isn’t just about sparkly lip gloss and cheap blush; it ramps up creativity and helps kids see themselves differently in the land of make-believe.

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