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My name is Eavanna Breen and I am the clinical director of Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic in Dublin, Ireland. I am also a mum of two girls, the youngest, Kate, loves to play with make-up and continually steals mine!! When I decided to buy her, her own make-up, (you know, the kind that you find in a toy shore for kids) I realised that the ingredients that these products contained were not something I was willing to let my daughter put on her skin. Working with skin  and skin care products for over 27 years has made me very conscious of  how what we put on our skin affects it. I am careful of what I recommend to people to apply to  their skin as well as my own, so naturally that is something that affects what I allow my family to use.


There are lots of brands of mineral make-up out there for adults but hardly any for children, so I decided to create one.

We have created a make-up for children that parents will love.


Our mineral make-up is non-toxic, paraben free and has no artificial colours or any other harmful ingredients. This is a make-up that will not harm your child’s delicate skin.


Our mission is to encourage children to express themselves and be creative. Playing with make-up is an important way for a child to satisfy the need for self-expression, as well as develop manual skills. Creative activities have been shown to be beneficial in helping improve intellectual and cognitive skills in children. Children should be allowed to explore different options and be creative in their play activities.


Finally this is a make-up that you will be happy to let your child play with.